About me

I completed my Design degrre at IED Madrid ans since then the creative process and reaching people's heart has turned my obsession.

Experience has shown me that what adds value to people is not the product itself, but what it makes them feel. Throughout my life I have forgotten almost everything that I have bought, but I keep memories of some unforgettable experiences. Behind each of them there is a person who marked that moment.

With the sole desire to create memorable memories in people, I decide to undertake and dedicate myself to what I am passionate about, what closely connects designer and client: the wedding dress.. The María Gadea project is born

Knowing the bride you are designing for, knowing her concerns and desires makes working a real pleasure and the result is very personal. The dress reflects her personality and every detail worked by hand, in a slow and careful process, makes her feel unique on her wedding day. 

"Every love has its story" is our working method, in which, from the first contact, the brides are the protagonists and the ultimate goal of each step. 

Being part of the process of designing such an important dress in your life and living its creation from the beginning is never forgotten. Our purpose is to help each bride treasure this beautiful memory.

Maria midiendo


When you trust Maria Gadea, on your wedding day you wear a haute couture dress with a design in which you have participated from start to finish.


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