Creative process

El proceso creativo «Cada amor tiene su historia»

"Every love has its story" It is a fascinating creation process in which you are the protagonist.
We understand that each bride is unique and irrepeatable and that is the essence of our inspiration. That is why creating your dress with you has become our methodology.

This is the process we will follow together:

1. Your ideas and your illusions

It is the initial phase. Where we meet and you tell me everything you want and have in mind. Through an interview we review all aspects of the wedding and your personality, we see fabrics, we take measurements and we talk about the amount of possibilities we have.

2. All ideas take shape on paper

In this phase I create a design based on everything we have seen together.
I show you the sketch / sketches and we continue to shape it with your impressions until you have the shape that was in your head.

3. The magic of toile- Validation

In this last phase of the creative process we make a toile.
We create the pattern of the idea generated with your measurements in a cotton fabric.
You come to try it on and on your body we check that everything fits, that it is just what we wanted or that we have to make some adjustments to improve it even more.

4. Coming to life

Start making the dress of your dreams. With the pattern perfectly adjusted to you, we make the dress in the chosen fabric / fabrics.
You will come to try them on as we go along to make sure that everything still fits perfectly.
About 3 fittings will be necessary before the dress is finished.

5. The dream is real

After the last fit the dress is finished.
We go to the last phase in which we finish, iron and pack. 

It only remains for you to pick it up 3 or 4 days before the wedding.

Maria muestrario


When you trust Maria Gadea, on your wedding day you wear a haute couture dress with a design in which you have participated from start to finish.


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